17th National and 3rd International Iranian Crop Science Congress- Registration Information
Registration & Submission of Articles

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  • The submitted papers must be the result of new and original research works of the presenters and should not have been published or presented elsewhere.
  • Papers must be submitted as "short articles" (3-5 pages) through an online submission form following the instructions to the authors.
  • Submission can only be done after registration. Registration and submission of articles are done only through the congress website.
Important points:
  • The article submission certificate will be issued subject to the presence of the registrant and the submission of the article.
  • The certificate of article submission is issued only in the name of the registrant and the names of other authors are mentioned in the certificate in the order listed in the article. No other certificates are issued to other authors.
  • For participants (without article submission), only the certificate of participation in the congress will be issued.
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